At one time that could get a questioner in the ball park. Now it describes probably 75 % of the entrants at today’s car events.
    Even the “kids” that passed up a hot rod in the 60’s in favor of a “showroom” performance car are now well into retirement.
    The automotive sport is greying at an unyielding rate. Every area seems to be declining.     Fewer and fewer people are attending at most venues from NASCAR to Saturday coffee.
    Goodguys and NSRA have broadened their entry years in order to try to keep the numbers up. I’m not going to debate whether this is good or bad, but it does help to continue to give us a place to take our more vintage cars.
    A couple of the more orthodox groups are even becoming more lenient in their requirements, allowing some forms of modifications.
    Inliners isn’t immune to these influences. Our membership has been steadily dropping over the past several years. Hardly a month goes by that we don’t receive a note about another Inliner who has passed.
    We don’t have the clout of Hot Rod Magazine or Street Rodder to bring people in the door, but anyone who slows down to take a second look at one of our “different” engines is a potential member and possible new friend or “protégé” to train up in the proper way to power a car.
    Younger people are an area where we are under-represented. They might otherwise not be introduced to the old information which is being lost – among this the basics of automotive engineering; points ignition, carburetion, shade-tree modifications. This can’t be done very well, or even legally, with emission-controlled cars.