Who are the Inliners International?

Inliners International was founded in 1981 by four people who shared the love of inline engines. It was their desire to form a club that would bring other inline lovers together so they could share their experiences with these unique, sometimes forgotten engines.
Initially, the club devoted itself almost exclusively to the 216/235/261 Chevys and the 248/270/302 GMC’s. Today, the club has a much broader appeal and welcomes fans of 4, 6 or 8 cylinder inline engine of all makes. So whether you are an admirer, collector, racer or mechanic; whatever level your interest in vintage inline engines, Inliners International is the club for you.

The Newsletter

With your membership comes a newsletter that is second to none! The 12 Port News is published bi-monthly and is packed with information, projects, “how to’s”, and member only classifieds.  We can introduce you to others who share your interest in a particular engine.
Our Tech Advisors are ready to help you in solving that difficult problem. Your Membership Roster will provide you with names and addresses of members in your state you will want to meet and correspond with. We encourage you, if you choose to become a member, to write and share with us your experiences, past or present with Inliners.  Our Planners article is for unfinished projects, the Spotlight column is a short feature on finished cars. And, of course, every issue we do a Cover Story on some outstanding personal car or special event in which several of our members have participated. In addition, we have regular articles by our President.


We have a membership that includes the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Norway ( 1000+ Members and growing! ). Membership is just $28.00 U.S., $38.00 in U.S. funds, Overseas and Canada. This includes 6 issues of our club newsletter, The 12 Port NEWS.  Members may advertise free in our Classified Ad section.  If you’re interested in joining, or know someone who would enjoy the Newsletter,  just send in the membership application, and join the many who are now receiving The12 Port NEWS.  We would like for you to become a part of our great club.

Upcoming Meetings

Rap Session
Nov 3rd - Oct 1st 2025
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