Welcome to the new and improved Inliners International website from Club Presidents Luke Lucas (incoming) and Will Willis (outgoing)! We hope you find it informative and interesting.

Inliners International is not just a club for racers. Our members have a vast range of interest in promoting and preserving all types of inline engines, whether they are for antiques or restored classics and trucks, sport and muscle cars, drag or circle track racers, and any other vehicle that’s powered by an inline engine.

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Inliners 2018 Convention is rapidly approaching! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???!!!

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The 12 Port Story, Part 1

by Herbert Hall
(originally printed in Vol. 1, Issue 1 of the 12 Port News)

“Once upon a time”… any story with the mystery, the romance, the individual achievements that are so intricately a part of the history of the development of these odd creatures of automotive genius, the 12 port heads, certainly must start with those words that we all remember form the fairy tales of our younger days. The history of the 12 port heads is, in its own way, a story much like those of our childhood, one in which new frontiers are crossed and legends started.

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Bonneville – 2017

Bonneville Speed Week was rather bitter-sweet for Inliners. The courses were pretty rough, with chuck holes in spots.

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Bad Salt

For many years, this would be the time I started haunting the news stand (remember those) looking for the first results from Speed Week. This was always exciting and eagerly awaited.

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Life Cycle of a 12 Port

Friday, September 22, 2017 By: Cal Kennedy

Hello, my name is Cal Kennedy. 

As member #41 of the Inliners, I have been around about as long as anyone just en-joying my Chevy Toys and having some success back in the 50’s, drag racing and hill climbing with our ‘Wayne 12 port’ 235 Chev.1934 roadster known as “Scroggs/ Kennedy T33  B/ MRF.”

Now, the reason for this story…

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1951 Chevrolet Sport Coupe

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 By: David L. Franz Jr.

David Franz (#6108) 1951 Chevy Sport Coupe

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Upcoming Meetings

North Texas Chapter Meeting @ Outlaws BBQ
July 1st 2018
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CA Valley Inliners Chapter Meeting @ SEVEN Cafe & Grill
July 5th 2018
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Van-Port - Chapter Meeting at Dave Rowan's
July 11th 2018
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Northern NV - Chapter Meeting @ Qs BBQ
July 14th 2018
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CA Valley - Chapter Meeting @ SEVEN Cafe & Grill
July 19th 2018
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